Jagdish Singh Ramana is born in Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan. He is the son of Mr.Gurbaksh singh Ramana, a peasant of SGNR. and mother Mrs.Amarjeet Kaur. He writes in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English and In Persian as well. He has deep love for Urdu and Persian. He has Masters in English Literature from Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner.

He is a NATURE lover as his POETRY shows;
" Nature is a paradise beyond the racial world."
He finds a divine power, exists in all. He says, we're made for nature, nature for us.
He classifies the creatures in three groups; the first- human, the second- animals, birds, insects, trees alike, and the third- micro creatures generally not visible. It is the first ones duty to maintain the nature cycle.

Cherishing my heart for poetic reflections.


Jagdish Singh Ramana Poems

The Wind: An Extreme Instance

What is the wind? -a flow in many forms,
What the bards have call'd thee
All are their melodious evergreen songs,
As a philocalist I see the wind in me.... more »

Night As One Likes

In a lonely night
Beholding the lonely moon,
But in my sight;
Not alone, a poetic boon.... more »

Nature: Three Classes Of Creatures

Nature is heaven
container of wonders,
haven for creatures; the first, human,
the second, animals, birds, insects, vegetation,... more »

Jagdish Singh Ramana Quotes

To be an atheist is good than a religious hacker.
Unfairness of heart, unholiness.
Nature is a nest where everyone can nestle.
Nature is life.
📓Sometimes solitude is not silence And clamour is not noise.
Bliss of solitude.

Comments about Jagdish Singh Ramana

Me Poet Yeps Poet 27 Nov 10:21
welcome back where in the darkness of nights were you hiding friend now you have come to make amends play with you any day just say when JUBH MUN CHAHYE CHALE AANA DOST mutt hoe madhosh Zindagi naheen miltee dubaraa toe kyun rahein hum kha mosh Be ready for poems of fun interlaced with pun candles and moam battis light away all day in closets and nights in the darkness don't worry i will find ye
Thank you dear poet Randhir Kaur for these amazing and melodious words of appreciation. Thank you very much, . ਧੰਨਵਾਦ! !
Randhir Kaur 30 Apr 01:52
Jagdish Singh Ramana is a Sardar from Rajasthan, India. His biography says it all. That he is a son of peasant so I can see the plainhood picture in all the works that I have read so far. There is 'Sadgi' (simplicity) is his poems. There is a smell of 'Apnapan' (brotherhood) in his words. I find him phenomenal. I believe in lifting up others in a true real sense, and I am really admiring this man. Because Jagdish has a great background and a blooming future.