• Anni

    ... more »

  • Fears That Hunt

    Fears that hunt you
    Dreams that run away
    Pain that never leaves
    Your looking for angels To save you... more »

  • God?

    On my knees I'm begging you to help..
    Answer my questions..
    Call my name..
    Can't you hear my heart brake..... more »

  • Im Here

    Are you blind..
    I'm been here with you..
    Always understand you..
    Can't you see..... more »

  • Sky You Okay?

    Dont cry sky..
    Everthing will be okay..
    Be strong like everyone is..
    Dont be afriad to shine..... more »

  • The Edge Of Darkness..

    Fallen at the Edge of pain..
    To close I became to the Edge..
    I came to Edge of life...
    I have to get away from the Edge that means all... more »

  • Wheres The Sun?

    Rain comes, its full of inside of me.
    Every time I look at you it rains inside of me.
    I try to keep the sad drops inside but they like to come out.
    My inside wants be black like a big storm with dark clouds.... more »