• A Coastal Dirge For A Broken Heart

    When I die and die alone, I will be buried under stone.
    No hole in which to lay me down, A cairn of rocks built from the ground
    Layed upon my pale white chest, it's where i'll take my final rest.
    Set on the coast I'll take my due, singing songs of love for you... more »

  • A Friend In Deed.

    A troubled life, full of pain
    You long for sun but you get rain.
    A broken soul, once was proud
    Now covered by a sordid cloud.... more »

  • A Look In Sanity

    Darkness shrouds the light of day
    Scaring all good thoughts away
    From the sky falls crimson blood
    The rivers bulge and rush and flood... more »

  • A Perfect Apology

    Sorry is a funny word
    Often said but rarely heard,
    For to hear it one must say it true
    'Cause it's silenced if it's hollowed through.... more »

  • Amor Aeternum

    Remember back to the winter's night
    Out upon the fields
    I lit a fire warm and bright
    The chill we could not feel.... more »

  • Autobiography.

    The silent sounds of a harp unstrung
    Play the mournful tune of a heart now stung
    Singing timeless lyrics on a serpentine tongue
    To be played eternally throughout all time... more »

  • Banshee

    Silence sleeps on the wings of despair
    A fire, alight in her soul.
    Brought on the winds of the chill night air
    Hells angel taking her toll.... more »

  • Change, The Inevitable.

    Change is to one man the death of a friend,
    To another the birth of a child.
    Change is the shifting of soft winds of spring,
    to a hurricane deadly and wild.... more »

  • Cogs Of Confusion.

    The spinning cogs inside my head, I cannot stand the sound
    Twisting, Turning, Furnace Burning brings me to the ground.

    My brain it pounds and dances round to the beat of many drums,... more »

  • Endless Hallway, Endless Doors

    You walk a path of yours alone
    Of beaten dirt and cobbled stone
    The life you lead is always yours
    An endless hallway of endless doors.... more »

  • Five Questions.

    What the hell am I doing here?
    Living a life of colourless cheer.
    Walking streets in constant fear.
    Whispering words inside my ear.... more »

  • Forlorn Visage

    How much am I truly worth
    How much will I fetch?
    Who would ever pay for me
    An awful stinking wretch... more »

  • Hope

    Abandoned at the bridge
    Broken and misplaced... more »

  • Love Unrequited

    Hours to days
    Days to weeks
    What value has time
    Near the heart I seek... more »

  • Lycanthrope

    The river runs red
    With the essence of life
    Dripping dully, down the drain... more »

  • Mad As A Hatter!

    The world becomes my Porcupine
    Sitting Forks of DOOM!
    Clams that eat my Potato Bake
    Apocalypse in my room?... more »

  • Marry Me My Love

    I love you more than words describe
    More than sights from far and wide
    For a beauty just like you
    I never thought were true... more »

  • My One True Love

    I never wanted this day to come,
    I never wanted to see you go.
    I thought we'd be together forever
    But you didn't see it so.... more »

  • Paid In Blood (Censored)

    Silence on the northern winds
    Tenderly we lay
    Thinking of your million sins
    Things I dare not say... more »

  • The Battle Of A Silent Heart

    The battle of a silent heart
    A solemn love, a lonely art

    This man who walks an open path... more »

  • There Will Be More

    Day to day, Dawn till dusk
    Life's planned out, In Faith we trust
    Tasks at hand, Fill up your drawer
    Think all the while, There will be more... more »

  • Welcome To My Mind

    Brimstone clouds the midday sky
    Taking light from living eye
    Choking plants until they die
    Welcome to my mind.... more »

  • Winter's Veil

    Cross the line, razor thin
    Never know what side I'm in.
    Walk on ice, surface weak
    Cannot help my heavy feet.... more »