• Don'T Go

    My copious thoughts of darkness and dread,
    due to memories of you filling my head.
    The more I cry out the more you don't hear.
    without you my days are built out of fear.... more »

  • Effortlessly

    The undesirable outcome I've completely missed,
    not near a fairy tale sealed with a kiss.
    The person I realized I wanted to be,
    to me no longer seems within reach.... more »

  • Faults Of Love

    She flows like a river through
    my mind yet, she never stays
    current. I ask myself why; then
    question why this question I ask... more »

  • Half Of Us

    A half heart I have now, what did you do to me?
    blinded by lies that you have sent through to me,
    I don't want to cry, but what can I do you see?
    When hatred and love make up our anatomy.... more »

  • I Can Only Look Down

    I can't look up because you're always there,
    standing near me with your long dark hair.
    I can't stand still because you'll catch me,
    you'll only seek answers I won't let you see.... more »

  • I Didn'T Know

    My days began as night it seemed,
    a dark identity engulfed in a dream.
    My feelings collecting until non-existing,
    facial expression lacking despair,... more »

  • Nothing Is...

    If nothing had is nothing needed,
    why is something wanted seen as greed?
    Do we deceive our minds to avoid getting hurt
    because we know the relationship will never work?... more »

  • Only You

    I close my eyes and think of you,
    I open them to wish you were true.
    Each second that passes torture me,
    as I wish and dream of holding thee.... more »