• Broken Rose

    If i can't find sanity in this black world
    I wish to drown in pain and never wake up
    The words the broke me and shatterd my soul
    To think, I actually thought I had value... more »

  • Forever Broken

    I try to be strong
    but i always forgive
    even though your wrong
    I try to forget, and live.... more »

  • I Hate It

    You make me feel unloved
    I cant even live cause of you
    insecurities, left right and above
    I view myself imperfect in every view... more »

  • In A Text?

    I text you hi
    You say goodbye
    I reply whats wrong
    you say this been on to long... more »

  • Love?

    Your eyes we're like a melody
    i was guided by the tune
    you never loved me
    so only pain looms... more »

  • Sorrow.

    The unspoken hatred you have for me,
    you treat me like the enemy
    you cast a web of pain and lies,
    your so cold to save 'pride'... more »