• As Far As He Exist

    As far as he exist
    As far as he is here, none will know peace
    He was created with beauty and majestic strength
    The elegance in him none can fathom... more »

  • Dark Days

    Dark days
    The gloomy days have finally set in
    Darkness looms, the earth is weak
    The hearts of men faints... more »

  • Deep Thoughts

    Deed Thoughts
    The birth of a child brings joy
    A child is ushered into the unknown
    A world full of ups and downs... more »

  • Frame

    Life and times changes
    The shape of history is made by men
    The pact signed is never endless... more »

  • Time In Between

    Life has delivered so much for humanity
    The crooked parts it entails are full of ups and downs
    Days have come and gone like the smoke
    So much has happened from the beginning... more »

  • Unkown

    Our days here are numbered
    The time we spend going to and fro is limited
    We have dreams and aspirations of being great
    There times when we fail... more »

  • Victory

    I came as a stranger
    I began to grow and wander the earth
    I thread through the path of life
    I tried to discover what the future holds... more »