James Atkins Biography

Most of the time, I enjoy writing. My problem is that I get frustrated easily, especially if I can't articulate what I'm feeling.

I guess that's the way I write - not really to deliver a specific message, but to try to convey the feeling or the image that was with me at the time.

Why do I write that way? Well, I guess I believe that we're all islands - I've never been sure that our eyes all see the same things, that apples taste the same to everyone, or if blue doesn't look orange to the rest of the population. Emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs - all that sort of stuff is on another magnitude of complexity altogether, so what are the odds that anyone truly understands anyone else?

The way I see it, if what I write makes you feel something, then I'm truly starting to communicate. And if by some fluke you manage to share the exact frame of mind I was in at the time I was writing, well, that's just about as close to real communication that two people can get. And that seems worthwhile to me.