James B. Earley Quotes

My wife once asked, 'Who is the most powerful U S public official - the President or Chief Justice Supreme Court? ' 'Neither, ' I said, 'it's the ordinary police officer. That person can legally take your life - at will.
Another aspect of being Black in America.
The most 'UNGODLY' moment in America, perhaps, 'tis Sunday mornings.
Christianity's ineptitude in following Christ's teachings.
Hitler would have been nonexistent, were it not for that lunatic fringe.
Politics, its potential.
History will accord President Obama's legacy, in not what he accomplished, but what he 'sought' to accomplish; for that is the measure of the man.
President Obama's legacy
Was it the President's color, or perhaps, something other; I'll just have to wonder, I guess!
Republican obstructionism, from day one toward President Obama.
'Critical question: Wondering why all the other animals not needing toilet paper, and Man....the mysterious.....exception? ' ~James B. Earley
peculiarities of the animal kingdom