• Golden Green Leaves

    A whispering cold autumn breeze,
    rustled the crisp, golden green leaves.
    An open blue sky,
    free to the cold.... more »

  • Ruthless

    The truth is truth-less, minus the T.
    The truth is truth-less, truthfully.
    The truth is tried, tested and taught.
    The truth lied, was bested and bought.... more »

  • Slumber

    A drowsy droop of the eyes,
    Until they remain closed,
    Still awake,
    Thoughts slip from focus,... more »

  • Time Is Money

    Time is money,
    or so they say.
    But yet can money,
    buy time the same?... more »

  • Try


    Poe was young once,
    Which is precisely what makes it old.... more »

  • When I Write

    Why, when I write,
    do I feel I must be smart?
    As if some complexity,
    would bring added heart.... more »