• 9eight

    His brain was swimming in chlorine
    Dreams of Dorothy bags
    Wrist offended by the regional news
    Bass guitar pitched low... more »

  • A Funny Thing

    Plans to axe fish pie
    Should be burnt forthwith
    Downing street have used the salmon ladder
    Customers should return the meals... more »

  • A Moment

    The sun burns like anorexic fat
    Sweet summer afternoons
    Time moves slow
    A frosted glass... more »

  • A Years Work

    Old man blood
    Drinking with the plants
    Greenhouse reflects idiot dreams
    Of blindman under sun... more »

  • Car Boot

    They sleep in twos and eights
    With hopes and expectations
    Pornographic dreams of cleanliness
    Car boot... more »

  • Coco78

    The sound of laughter
    Clings in the air
    A clown is riding a pink bicycle
    Into a hovel... more »

  • Cut And Paste

    In the front cabin
    Which was isolated
    From the hammering bell
    He undid the knot in his balls... more »

  • Fun 81

    One trip a year is enough
    Trisha shouts through wet ears
    Her candyfloss lips go on and on
    The front seat on the ghost train is free... more »

  • Jimmy Bn

    Shoot them up
    Do you eat cancer?
    Dance on one foot
    Put your brain in your mouth... more »

  • Junk Mail

    I went downstairs to get my mail
    Searching through the usual junk
    One letter caught my eye
    It was from madame zelda... more »

  • My Satanic Mate

    I walked in on a friend
    He was chanting
    He told me it would bring him unlimited girls... more »

  • Never Mind The Bullocks

    The cow snorts by the gate
    He is a holy cow
    No rump
    No fillet... more »

  • No Fish

    You phoned me from a mental institution
    I was in Caernarfon
    The smell of fish makes me vomit
    You assaulted my ears... more »

  • Non Compost Mentis

    The soap is near the bath
    Implants on the fire
    With my wooden heart
    Shampoo stacked waitress is calling... more »

  • Number 8

    But not often
    I think of you
    As i watch... more »

  • Out Of Order Condom Dispenser

    Burnt clothes
    Limp out of the door
    Fishhook heart
    Crawls out of your gut... more »

  • Parrot Poem

    I was feeding my parrot today
    And i looked him in the eye
    What is his purpose just sitting in a cage
    He doesnt know anything about the world today... more »

  • Peanut Poem

    The corner shop was dimly lit
    I asked for a case of beer and a pack of nuts
    The bag of nuts was yellow and red
    The picture on the bag was a peanut... more »

  • Proactive Pallet Performer

    Bacon butties got him through the day
    His heart was wrapped in plastic awaiting delivery
    While his sweetheart sprinkled parmesan cheese on microwave meals
    Many nights in front of the TV... more »

  • Rape Poem

    She walks past the corner store
    She has done this for the last week
    Always 11pm
    Give or take a few minutes... more »

  • Sea Poem

    Roger dreamed of the sea
    But he couldnt do without PVC
    He imagined waves and other stuff
    But he couldnt do without his ankle cuffs... more »

  • Surreal Abattoir

    Deadly woman
    The femme fatale of word
    These inquisitors
    Appeal with the eccentric witches... more »

  • The Bar 66

    The bar was empty
    I pulled up a stool
    The barmaid came near
    Beer please... more »

  • The Is A Nonce In The Village

    The is a light on
    A red light
    Carry on
    Mr Williams drowned in the news... more »

  • Today

    The sun came down
    In blistered forms
    Your eyes cast a shadow
    Shaped like a hole... more »