• A Childs World

    Running down the sidewalk on a hot summer day
    Trying to find my friends, so we can all play
    Maybe army, cops and robbers or even hide and seek
    From behind bushes, trees, cars and corners, we'll peek... more »

  • A Cold Winters Night

    Rushing to get undressed and into the bed
    We're both covered up, even our heads
    Holding each other so tight to get warm
    While outside the window blows a snow filled storm... more »

  • A Flash In The Pan

    she came into my life like a raging whirlwind
    Not once did I ever think, that it would end
    The love I thought we'd share, soon became fleeting
    Making me regret our initial meeting... more »

  • A Good Man

    I worked all my life to get ahead
    Trying to make your dreams come true
    Not once did we go without being fed
    Everything I did, I did for you... more »

  • A Good Man Pt2

    Y'know I'm a good man
    So try to understand
    Loving, compassionate and kind
    Is the best way I can be defined... more »

  • A Great Year

    This has been a great year, so far
    I gave up bad habits, like the bar
    Alcohol always gave me a headache
    Drugs from the street, I couldn't take... more »

  • A Heart Like Mine

    Romance is what I really like to do
    But, it didn't make any difference to you
    Flowers and candy, I thought would fit the bill
    Instead you, put me through the mill... more »

  • A Letter From Your Nation

    President Barack Obama, This is a letter from your nation
    Your smile, Your campaign, All your political affilliation
    Doesn't solve the problems of the middle class man
    Or the millions without jobs, facing starvation... more »

  • A Prisoner Of My Own Mind

    Looking from left to right
    Is there enough light?
    Thoughts racing thru my mind
    What happened to the Time?... more »

  • A Shoulder To Cry On

    Each day a call, I'll recieve
    absolution, the person believes
    will come from my advice
    usually, they'll call me twice.... more »

  • Ache In My Chest

    I tried to do my part
    but, me you did outsmart
    even though I gave it my best
    you left me with an ache in my chest... more »

  • Advice

    I'm not the one, to try and bend your ear
    I'm not the one, to try and instill fear
    If you can remember these words I write
    Do me a favor, love more than you fight... more »

  • All The Good Men

    Girl told me, just the other day
    All the good men are taken, I said No way!
    Ever think, they might not want to be caught?
    They do what they want, not what the ought... more »

  • American Dad

    Finding my way through this imperfect world
    Into my life, yet again, came a beautiful girl
    No time for history or even old excuses
    I jumped in with both feet, all aces and dueces... more »

  • An Old Song

    Heard an old song on the radio
    Made me want to get up and go
    Back to the memory of yesterday
    Just to try and find another way... more »

  • Angels In The Hall

    Gliding soundlessly all through the halls
    Appearing majically, through the walls
    Listening for my slightest noise
    Watching over me, with perfect poise... more »

  • Beautiful Days

    Bright shining sun, in the sky
    Makes me wonder, at why
    We ever complain, about the weather
    because perfect days, don't last forever... more »

  • Behind

    I walk at night, all by myself..., you see?
    Empty streets waiting... to greet only me
    No one to converse with...just the Wind
    Wishing...my broken heart could mend... more »

  • Bi-Polar Blues

    Peeking out the windows
    Hiding in the dark
    Jumping when the wind blows
    My lifes not a walk in the park... more »

  • Breath

    Breath, it goes out
    Breath, it comes in
    If that ain't happening
    You ain't living... more »

  • Captain Paranoid

    THEY, watch me every place I go
    ARE, the locks on the window?
    TRYING, to get through my door
    TO, end my life forevermore... more »

  • Caught

    You thought you were so smart
    Playing your soap opera part
    Just knew you were slicker than me
    Well, Darling, thats a mistake, you'll see... more »

  • Cheating On My Wife [ Revised ]

    When your clothes came off, I was stunned
    Couldn't believe you wanted to have some fun
    Breathless I fell asleep with you
    Really thought you did the same, too... more »

  • Children Of The World

    Living on the streets
    Playing in trash
    Eating from a garbage can
    Watching adults do dope... more »

  • Childs Day!

    Football, tag and water hoses
    screams, yells and runny noses
    skateboards scooters and bikes
    these are but a few of our childhood likes.... more »