Just a simple man that voices his frustrations, depression and past experience through poetry and prose.feel free to check out my other stuff on poetry.com under james nall & james d.nall, jr. I appreciate your comments and any feedback, I've won many editors choice awards at poetry.com, I live in central florida and believe it or not I write everything you read of mine in under ten minutes. can't do paper, I get a block, however at the keyboard it comes out as you read it. no edit, no revision.what I write may not be to everyones taste, but, I can't really help that. I like to make you recall happier days and memories, make you laugh and most of all, make you think about what you've just read and all that should create the greatest event of your normal days, a smile. thank you, james nall


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Kann Abel's Restaurant

Driving through the country side on a warm afternoon
My wife decided she wanted lunch and meant soon
Some nameless little town we were about to pass
When I decided to stop and find someone to ask... more »

Captain Paranoid

THEY, watch me every place I go
ARE, the locks on the window?
TRYING, to get through my door
TO, end my life forevermore... more »

Second Chance

I lost my one true love, long, long ago
For this, I suffered more than you can know
Her indiscretion, I could not overlook
Since then I've felt like an empty book... more »

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Garrett Hager 08 Oct 2012 12:08
great poem love hunting with my dad very good topic. please read my poem hunting with my dad. lol right I did not copy your name really random. please leave a comment on mine to
~ Jon London ~ 03 Apr 2009 09:32
When reading the fine works of James's golden mind, you'll be dipped into a world painted by James's magic hand. Thrills, spills. Heart stoping, pulse pulling, brain teasing peices that sit you on an emotional roller-coaster that you just wont want to get off. If you want soul, then take a look inside this outstanding poets works. Strap yourselves in and enjoy!