• Adult

    Older Colder Stronger
    Emotionally Shorted... more »

  • Advice To Angry Man

    ... more »

  • Camouflage

    A movement within a movement
    One motion disguised by another
    One obscures the other
    It's the perfect balance... more »

  • Fits With The Wrong Pieces

    I judged meticulously.
    I served in every jury.
    I soaked the footprints into my socks.
    I wiped my soles and left... more »

  • Glued In

    Some days I feel like a pilot in a remote control plane, being flown by a little boy who often forgets to charge the batteries let alone bother to fly it properly.... more »

  • I'M A Cancerian

    I’m a Cancerian
    A chess player on ecstasy
    A romance with the middle pages missing
    I forget how the pieces move... more »

  • Music Owns Decorum Like A Water Car

    In the club the people find music EVERYWHERE
    They find it hiding in a pretty girl’s hair. They find it by rubbing against the grain of the wood of the bar, or congealed in the tread of their shoes. They find it hiding under candles and in people’s bags.
    It’s caught sleeping on top of the CD surfaces.
    It’s everywhere.... more »

  • Satellites And Sunscreen

    She's on the horizon
    Don't lose perspective

    Keep busy... more »

  • Sos

    Milgrim Experiment
    Day job
    450 volts... more »

  • Spinning Globes At Home

    You always held the cards.
    I did my best. Persevered.
    I stared at the backs of them trying to read your eyes through a thousand wires and connections.
    But the result was always fixed and pre-determined.... more »