• A Cowboy's Letter

    The west was scarier than we thought
    With your spotted courage... more »

  • Face Of Forgotness

    As I write this,
    I am drowning into the night
    My eyes are seducing
    My brain to flight.... more »

  • For Every One Person

    For every one person
    Has a mind of two,
    And whether he listen
    Both he choose.... more »

  • Hangover

    'You, who do you hate? '
    'What? '
    'Who do you hate? '
    'No one'... more »

  • Holy Water

    Tonight I should be dreaming
    But the water’s much too fast... more »

  • How Many Roark's?

    I was dreaming about Fountainhead the other day,
    No reason really, just kind of popped up, an old memory... more »

  • I Find Myself On A Train

    I find myself on a train.
    Returning to a bed that has missed my weight.
    The only light is the one above,
    It’s boringness radiating onto the page of... more »

  • I Study

    I sit, and start to study
    The art of the body
    But what I found is
    Unmotivated... more »

  • I Went To The Gates

    This story was written, but not on pages
    Told by the lost of the wasted ages.... more »

  • It Was The Night After

    It was the night after
    Destruction abroad
    Three large claps
    From The Reaper’s applaud.... more »

  • Simple Question

    I would like my child to ask me
    A question for which I do not know.
    So I can reply
    With Great pride... more »

  • Sunny America

    The dawn was arising,
    as my toes gently graced the land
    which the buffalo grazed.
    The shade of the tall trees... more »

  • The Broken Poet

    To make a poem you must feel the wind,
    Catch the perfect moment and ride it in.
    The world seems different, an aura felt,
    Synchronized movements as the cards are dealt.... more »

  • The Hill

    As I sit upon a hill, not too far from here
    I watch the ballet of clouds and dream... more »

  • The Mind Is A Magician

    The mind is a magician
    With tricks to tease
    But why isn't simple,
    For a simple man's ease?... more »

  • The Words Were Stolen

    The words were stolen.

    As the bindless book begged for boundaries... more »