• Beautiful

    It's like the rainbow left behind
    After an early after rain shower
    It's the warmth you feel
    From the early morning sun... more »

  • Depression

    Being depressed is a very sad thing
    I wish it on no one this sadness I feel
    I would be okay if you were by my side
    But you not and I wonder how can I carry on inside... more »

  • Emotions

    I feel happyiness and full of life,
    When I am with you
    I feel pain, sadness, and sorrow
    When we are apart... more »

  • Forever And Always

    When I looked into your eyes
    You asked if I'd always love you
    Before either one of us could blink
    I told you Forever and Always... more »

  • Forever True

    When I looked into your eyes
    And said those words 'I do'
    I saw the passion in your eyes
    That said forever you'd be true... more »

  • Gone

    I know that I'm gone
    And promised I'd be strong
    But if I didnt miss you this much
    Then I know I'd be wrong... more »

  • Hidden Beauty

    From the pain, there came a life
    From the darkness, a light appeared
    Through the tears, the joy is exposed
    Now two people, unite as one... more »

  • I Knew

    When we first kissed
    On that chilly March night... more »

  • I Promise

    I promised I would love you
    That's what I plan to do
    Whether I am in your arms
    Or standing on the moon... more »

  • Love

    I will always love you
    Forever I'll be true
    Look into my eyes
    They'll tell you, 'I LOVE YOU.'... more »

  • Miles Apart

    From Florida to Kuwait
    We are miles apart
    But that really don't matter
    Becuase we are connected at heart... more »

  • Missing You

    Every night of every day
    I think of your beautiful smile
    Your long, dark hair and
    Your lucious pink lips... more »

  • My Baby

    Far more beautiful then words can describe
    Empty is how I feel without you by my side
    Loving you is all I ever want to do
    I give you my heart and soul... more »

  • Our Love

    Our feelings we share
    Our love for one another... more »

  • Perfect

    Why is it that they say nothing can be perfect
    Is it because they themselves are not perfect
    Or maybe thier lives are not perfect
    If nothing is perfect then does perfect exist.... more »

  • Real Love

    I never use to believe in love
    To me it never existed
    All it did was bring me pain
    Therefore I tried to resist it... more »

  • Sadness Strikes: In Memory Of Cory Lidle

    One day your on top of the world
    Liked by all your peers
    Pitching in the Major Leagues
    And receiving lots of cheers... more »

  • Scattered Pieces

    When we first met
    My heart was like a puzzle
    Over time pieces had been scattered everywhere
    You didn' care... more »

  • Struggling

    I struglle day and night
    To provide for my family
    I work real hard at night
    Then go to school at day... more »

  • Thankful

    I am thankful for everything
    That you two have done
    I am sure it was quite stressful
    And at times, not much fun... more »

  • Tribute To Courage

    Courage is doing what is right
    Without having to be told
    Courage is manning up
    When you know you've done something wrong... more »

  • With You

    With you I am strong
    Happy as can be
    Every morning I wake up
    I'm glad your next to me... more »

  • Without You

    Without you I am nothing
    Alone, I'm boring and dull
    Every night I thank the good lord
    That I have you to hold... more »