James Grengs Biography

(UPDATED 01.22.05)

I'm an up-and-coming nobody, a freshman in college who has a love for the arts, especially music and writing (all forms.) I've never been published, but I've never thought myself good enough to be.

I tend to be inspired a lot (as those who read my stuff will see) by my rocky-at-best love life. Recently my poems have taken on a happier note than in the past, because a wonderful person has come into my awareness. Check out some of her stuff on here, too- her name is Valerie Jaeger.

oh yeah, before I forget- PLEASE rate my stuff, I try to rate everyone else's poems, I appreciate your opinions- send me some notes, too. I'm always looking for constructive criticism.

new developments in my life have caused my poetry to take a somewhat depressing turn. those of you who are fans of my 'death' poems will probably cheer at this, i suppose. not all of them are like that, of course, but i always write what i feel, so whatever poems i'm putting out at a certain time in my life reflect whatever i'm feeling at that time.

whatever your particular thoughts toward my poetry might be, i still hope you'll rate my stuff, post comments, etc. i need to hear from you.


ps- the romance between Valerie and I being over, and my life having matured significantly and changed, there's a lot that's not up to date about me here.