• (untitled)

    You are as beautiful as the delicate new-formed petal;
    As fragrant as the new-bloomed rose;
    Your soft eyes shine as polished metal;
    You are the most perfect thing that in God's garden grows.... more »

  • A Drug

    Your voice is a drug, to me-
    Lifting me higher than human existence;
    Causing me to forget all else;
    And addicting me,... more »

  • A Place Of Power

    Stand by the ocean, shouting, trying to
    drown out the cry of the waves
    with your voice.... more »

  • A Song

    Most High- His name alone
    Declares His might, but I too-
    Insignificant- will sing of
    The Lord's glory.... more »

  • A Stapler

    I thought I was talented,
    Writing about vampires as much as I did.
    In fact, I thought I could write poetry
    About anything at all.... more »

  • All The Time In The World

    All the time in the world-
    What we could have had, if you would have taken it.
    But you didn’t. I was not what you wanted, at the time.
    Might I ever be?... more »

  • Alone Again

    When I'm talking to you,
    I am never alone.
    You are there. Your voice,
    My sanity.... more »

  • Anger

    I am bottled anger.
    Violence burns within me;
    A potent drug, rage.
    With it, I could topple... more »

  • Annihilation

    when i love, i die.
    my head explodes as my body burns.
    i cannot survive in hell.
    blood becomes water; and water, blood.... more »

  • Another Soul

    The hollow voices
    Play inside my head.
    Echoes of imaginary being,
    Empty: devoid of life or warmth.... more »

  • April

    April, you were
    Too weepy.
    You were cold, too.
    I could not bear it.... more »

  • Autograph

    This writing, my mark upon the world.
    I am faceless, a name against the backdrop
    Of a busy world.
    With this, my creation, I say,... more »

  • Be Still And Know That I Am God

    How marvelous a thought!
    God is not distant, nor is He hidden-
    He wants to reveal to us
    Himself,... more »

  • Because I Am Lonely

    *Intended to be read after 'Lonely'*

    I need someone to... more »

  • Bipolar

    I sing, loving
    Life, and all that is in it-
    Including you.
    I sing in the joy... more »

  • Black Hole

    swallow me whole,
    plunge me into your icy
    i will fall forever,... more »

  • Blood Bath

    circling vultures,
    smell the metallic air,
    fall, lightning, upon the dead.
    blood flies through the air,... more »

  • Bloody Mary

    sprained soul,
    buried alive.
    come again,
    lend me your smile-... more »

  • Breathe

    Come out of the flood,
    Feel the waters rinsing you,
    Washing away... more »

  • Burning

    Burning, the ache of muscles overused-
    I am weary in walking.

    Burning, the ache of sleep withheld-... more »

  • Can You See?

    Look at me, in me-
    Do you feel the pain
    Burning within?
    Can you tell me you know,... more »

  • Care

    They do not care,
    Though they may say that they do.
    They pity-
    It is weaker, temporal,... more »

  • Cat

    Sleek, smooth, and light.
    In black- a piece of night
    With eyes. Four legs, a head, a tail
    It climbs better than hiker on trail.... more »

  • Challenge To Winter

    Come, Winter! Blow!
    Your winds, with all their chill,
    Do not scare me.
    The power in your frost... more »

  • Christian Death

    The new existence... more »