(UPDATED 01.22.05)

I'm an up-and-coming nobody, a freshman in college who has a love for the arts, especially music and writing (all forms.) I've never been published, but I've never thought myself good enough to be.

I tend to be inspired a lot (as those who read my stuff will see) by my rocky-at-best love life. Recently my poems have taken on a happier note than in the past, because a wonderful person has come into my awareness. Check out some of her stuff on here, too- her name is Valerie Jaeger.

oh yeah, before I forget- PLEASE rate my stuff, I try to rate everyone else's poems, I appreciate your opinions- send me some notes, too. I'm always looking for constructive criticism.

new developments in my life have caused my poetry to take a somewhat depressing turn. those of you who are fans of my 'death' poems will probably cheer at this, i suppose. not all of them are like that, of course, but i always write what i feel, so whatever poems i'm putting out at a certain time in my life reflect whatever i'm feeling at that time.

whatever your particular thoughts toward my poetry might be, i still hope you'll rate my stuff, post comments, etc. i need to hear from you.


ps- the romance between Valerie and I being over, and my life having matured significantly and changed, there's a lot that's not up to date about me here.


James Grengs Poems

(untitled- 10.25.04)

Life, death,
Heat, and cold.
In you, I suffer
And rejoice. I long... more »

(19) - Reunion

She awakes,
Like one coming to the surface,
Gasping for air.
Her eyes flutter open.... more »

(untitled- 10.26.04)

Every time I think of you,
Somehow my heart grows larger,
Threatening to explode in the joy of love.
You are the cause of my joy,... more »

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Jared Gradiz 26 May 2007 10:13
Wow, to look at your poem is truly wonderful, Im sorry that you have felt such pain before, but the creativity you have is something else. Clearly you do deserve more praise than you believe. I hope to one day read your stuff in a book. Keep doing a wonderful job.
Fidelis Patronus 10 Dec 2004 04:47
You seem to be very fond of 'death'. You write brilliantly, i hav shills wen I read your death poems and find myself in a dark, deep, cold environment. You should definitely make a book! That would be excellent! TAZ