• Merrymind

    MERRYMIND, Merrymind, whither art thou roaming?
    Merrymind, Merrymind, nay, art thou sleeping yet?
    Oh, to us, sweet minstrel dear, wilt thou not be homing?
    Or we shall forget.... more »

  • Perdita

    The sea coast of Bohemia
    Is pleasant to the view
    When singing larks spring from the grass
    To fade into the blue,... more »

  • The Symbol

    Thus pass the glories of the world!
    He lies beneath the pall’s white folds:
    His sword is sheathed, his pennon furled,
    Him silence holds.... more »

  • Wanderers

    AS I rode in the early dawn,
    While stars were fading white,
    I saw upon a grassy slope
    A camp-fire burning bright;... more »