• Spring Song Of The Birds

    WORSCHIPPE ye that loveris bene this May,
    For of your blisse the Kalendis are begonne,
    And sing with us, Away, Winter, away!
    Cum, Somer, cum, the suete sesoun and sonne!... more »

  • The Argument

    GOD gives not Kings the style of Gods in vain,
    For on his Throne his Scepter do they sway:
    And as their subjects ought them to obey,
    So Kings should fear and serve their God again... more »

  • The King's Quire (Excerpt)

    Bewailing in my chamber thus allone,
    Despeir{.e}d of all joye and remedye,
    For-tirit of my thoght, and wo begone,... more »