• Lost In Thought

    I looked once, and never found it,
    I knew it was there, but still I looked past it,
    Expecting it where I knew it was not.
    But life doesn't work as you expect,... more »

  • Opportunity

    An opportunity,
    is a seed.
    And at a special time
    you are given that seed.... more »

  • The Myopic Traveler

    The myopic traveler who wanders the roads
    With a lazy pace he always does go
    A narrow mind he has in his head
    Lascivious looking for some woman to bed... more »

  • The Spectre

    Breaking through my window.
    Walking to my bed.
    The dark ancestral Spectre.
    He'll leave you all for dead.... more »

  • Truth

    If seeing is believing
    Belief is only skin deep
    This means that you must see belief in everything you see.
    What do you see in me?... more »