• Flow Niger Flow

    Flow Niger flow
    Is it your fault?
    Wash debris and rubbish
    Wherever you wish... more »

  • I Pledge To This Land

    I pledge to this land
    By the beauty of the Nile
    Where even angels sigh
    To a people black and bold... more »

  • I Want To Play

    I want to play
    Like I used to when a napkin was as much a pant
    As a pair of jeans
    When there was still twilight in the west... more »

  • My Mother's Only Wrapper

    My mother's fears and also her tears
    Have wrecked her into many plenty
    Will my brothers hear and until they learn
    Once divided twice we very falling... more »

  • My Myango Woman

    They say they come rare
    Those without heads for yams and condiments
    Those that make pittance where they went
    Oh! How bent are their backs... more »

  • O Wondrous Selection

    A look at myself vivid and real
    Not a reflection
    From glass and from steel
    So was I conceived of thought and deed... more »

  • Shekere

    Royal blood
    That is what I am
    Not by the beads crimson as ruby
    Nor with adornments gold and shiny... more »

  • Simplicity

    No alarm clock needed
    No cock crowing by the window ledge
    Time is just right.... more »

  • Slave Master

    Close to the shores
    Where slaves once reveled in freedom
    They welcomed slaves as master of slaves
    Another in the order, one man came... more »

  • Soliloquy Of A Chiboker

    Awake again in this familiar darkness
    Something similar to hell's sinister
    Like a blanket of disgrace
    It covers my face... more »

  • Some Too Are Lost

    Some too are lost and blind
    With a vacuum lagging and filling inside
    Like a comet flashing across the sky
    They let the Universe their fate decide... more »

  • The Enemy Called You

    Let me tell you about myself
    And take these secrets off the shelf
    Back then I was young
    Life... Love... such a sweet song... more »

  • The Song In Our Hearts

    There's a song in our hearts
    Who will sing along
    If only we could dance
    But we are too busy on the run... more »

  • The Voice Of The Drum

    Heartbeat of a raging lion
    The voice of a beating drum
    Like a clay pot covered in iron
    Such, his dueler's rump... more »

  • Twinkles

    There is a twinkle in the sky
    Every time I close my eyes
    Oh it shines with a lovely light
    And the night is ever bright... more »

  • Two Birds From Yonder

    I hear you thence the heavens ply
    I see whence the earth you pry
    Kuka the singer... more »