James McLain 1958 -

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Half of something is better than all of nothing.
is it poetry
When love becomes enduring then people will know peace.
is it poetry
A rose is not a rose until it bloom's.
is it poetry

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This poem is astonishingly beautiful conveying unseen worlds and with utmost delicacy. Forgive the intrusion but I have changed (not the words) but a few very minor spelling or typos type of mistakes. This poem is incredible and flows in and out of dreams so that you even forget the language, arcing beyond life to afterlife. It is remarkable. To The Blind Their Dreaming Before I was blind there were dreams. But seeing my dreams before I could see, depended on how much you could really see. Blind before birth, and what you have asked of me. Having my, our, hearing dreams- your perception is sound, sound that is seen; left more unsaid about me. I still see to see in my dreams as one where I'm still alive. What they must contain, the colors within. and sound, I can feel: taste and touch. To remember one dream that one special dream, I still dream when awake I can see, when my wife I first met and how she will look forever.
excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem
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