• A Poem In Place Of A Lecture

    This morning, friends, the blackboard will be black
    Behind my skull: your eyelids will be slack,
    And I could wearily cajole from you, or you,
    Slow answers to dull questions; or grow annoyed... more »

  • At A Child's Grave

    A sky contused and rifted like a wound:
    Red-amber gum exudes from the dark tree;
    A long day’s dying. Small anatomy
    Locked in this nameless grave’s neglected mound,... more »

  • Because

    My father and my mother never quarrelled.
    They were united in a kind of love
    As daily as the Sydney Morning Herald,
    Rather than like the eagle or the dove.... more »

  • Credo

    That each thing is a word
    Requiring us to speak it;
    From the ant to the quasar,
    From clouds to ocean floor-... more »

  • Durer: Innsbruck, 1495

    I had often, cowled in the slumbrous heavy air,
    Closed my inanimate lids to find it real,
    As I knew it would be, the colourful spires... more »

  • Iris

    Not how you would be thought of, your color
    Being grey, silky, like a second skin, your hair
    Flecked with it. Now, hearing your way of saying
    Iridescent while I read your poem, three years... more »

  • Magpie

    The magpie's mood is never surly
    every morning, wakening early,
    he gargles music in his throat,... more »

  • Marginal Note

    A ray of light, to an oblique observer,
    Remains invisible in pure dry air;
    But shone into a turbid element
    It throws distracting side-gleams everywhere... more »

  • Meanwhile, In Another Part Of The War

    On the street of the concrete refugee tenements
    That have collapsed into the smoking holes
    The Israeli rockets blew open at dawn’s early light,
    The sundered limbs and torsos of a Jenin family... more »

  • Pieta

    A year ago you came
    Early into the light.
    You lived a day and night,
    Then died; no one to blame.... more »

  • Winter Morning

    Spring stars glitter in the freezing sky,
    Trees on watch are armoured with frost.
    In the dark tarn of a mirror a face appears.... more »