• Ascend

    Deep within ourselves our true love hides
    Down in our hearts is where it lies
    We know that it's there, what it can do
    My dear girl, just want to be with you... more »

  • Far Too Deep

    Always thought I was lucky
    Havin' you holding on, when your blue
    But now that things are yucky
    Not so sure that was always true... more »

  • Love's Race

    Love is a kind of like a relay race
    You spend years to prepare and do your best
    Just for a 100 meter chase... more »

  • Nice Guy

    I haven't given up
    Even though it's been so long
    I thought we were perfect
    But i guess i was wrong... more »

  • Sea Of Dew

    They say there's plenty of fish in the sea
    But baby you were one of a kind to me... more »

  • Who Is He?

    He is the one to give you front seat for the car ride
    He grills a chicken only for you
    And everyone else gets burned dogs... more »