• The Goat Paths

    The crooked paths go every way
    Upon the hill - they wind about
    Through the heather in and out
    Of the quiet sunniness.... more »

  • The Horse

    A sparrow hopped about the street,
    And he was not a bit afraid;
    He flew between a horse's feet,
    And ate his supper undismayed... more »

  • The Lonely God

    So Eden was deserted, and at eve
    Into the quiet place God came to grieve.
    His face was sad, His hands hung slackly down
    Along his robe; too sorrowful to frown... more »

  • The Old Man

    An old man sat beneath a tree
    So still was he
    That, if he had been carved in stone,... more »

  • The Secret

    I was frightened, for a wind
    Crept along the grass to say
    Something that was in my mind
    Yesterday—... more »

  • The Shell

    AND then I pressed the shell
    Close to my ear
    And listened well,
    And straightway like a bell... more »

  • The Snare

    I hear a sudden cry of pain!
    There is a rabbit in a snare:
    Now I hear the cry again,
    But I cannot tell from where.... more »

  • The Spring In Ireland: 1916


    Do not forget my charge I beg of you ;
    That of what flow'rs you find of fairest hue... more »

  • The Turn Of The Road

    I was playing with my hoop along the road
    Just where the bushes are, when, suddenly,
    There came a shout.—I ran away and stowed
    Myself beneath a bush, and watched to see... more »

  • The White Wido

    The moon comes every night to peep
    Through the window where I lie,
    And I pretend to be asleep;
    But I watch the moon as it goes by,... more »

  • The Wind

    The wind stood up and gave a shout.
    He whistled on his fingers and
    Kicked the withered leaves about
    And thumped the branches with his hand... more »

  • The Wood Of Flowers

    I went to the Wood of Flowers
    (No one was with me):
    I was there alone for hours.
    I was happy as could be... more »

  • Westland Row

    Every Sunday there's a throng
    Of pretty girls, who trot along
    In a pious, breathless state
    (They are nearly always late)... more »

  • What the Devil Said

    It was night time! God, the Father Good,
    Weary of praises, on a sudden stood
    From His great Throne, and leaned upon the sky:... more »

  • What The Snake Saw

    A little girl and a big ugly man
    Went down the road. The girl was crying
    And asking to go home, but when she ran
    He hit her on the head and sent her flying,... more »

  • White Fields

    In the winter time we go
    Walking in the fields of snow;

    Where there is no grass at all;
    Where the top of every wall,... more »