• Answer

    This is the answer to all centuries
    That spawn new life and grind it into dust.
    This is the solved equation of the heart
    Bound in arrogance between fettering rust... more »

  • I Was Born Humble

    I was born humble. At the foot of mountains
    My face was set upon the immensity of earth
    And stone; and upon oaks full-bodied and old.
    There is so much writ upon the parchment of leaves,... more »

  • Let This Hill Rest

    Let this hill rest...
    Let the roots crawl into this failing earth,
    Let the leaf fall, let day descend
    On untilled slopes. Let the oak's girth... more »

  • Winter Tree

    A lot goes on behind my back.
    A row of icicles pulling at the eaves
    Grew three inches before I thought to look;
    A snow falling an evening through... more »