• And I Let Go

    Your death brings me happiness,
    Your life brings me hate,
    Your love brings me pain,
    And i let go again,... more »

  • Car Crash Nightmare

    It's quiet and there's ringing in my ears,
    Warm flow of liquid drips from my eyes, tears?
    I open them and then the pain comes in waves over my body,
    I look up and see nobody,... more »

  • Part One: Confused

    Lieing to myself, Lieing to you,
    Practincing being far from your love,
    so many lives hurt, so many lives gone,
    freedom is the only way out,... more »

  • We Are The Future

    Being born in one small year,
    Waking up one hundred years later,
    Wondering were we came and went to,
    Lost in the limbo of life,... more »