• Blood Stained Cross

    Holy cross stained by blood
    Lasting impression of Christ above
    Beaten, tortured, to pay for sin
    Of the unworthy, unclean, our beast within... more »

  • Bootprints

    Step lightly in your travels
    From the seashores to the sands
    For boot prints have been left
    In distant foreign lands... more »

  • Destiny

    I was but a spec
    On a map of endless roads
    In a world of empty towns
    Lost and alone... more »

  • How Can You Hate Me

    How can you hate me for the color of my skin?
    Because I am short or tall or fat or thin
    How can you hate me because of my race?
    Do we not all have a human face?... more »

  • News Time

    Tick tock tick tock
    Time ticks away
    Soon will come the end
    Of another hate filled day... more »

  • Pen Battle

    It started with a thought
    A pen and a blank page
    Slowly the ink flowed
    And released my hidden rage... more »

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes I laughed
    Mostly I cried
    That is until I died... more »

  • Streets Of Blood

    A young mother and her daughter
    Tease and laugh and play
    Their world full of ugliness
    Forgotten for today... more »

  • Tamborine Man

    I beat my tambourine
    On the corner everyday
    To earn a scrap of coin
    And send my message on its way... more »

  • The Patriot Returns

    Battered and broken I return to you
    My time spent in battle is finally through
    My country served proudly, I stood the test
    I fought side by side with our nations best... more »

  • The Rain In My Soul

    I feel the rain beating down on my soul
    Washing away all my pain
    A cleansing of the dirt that clutters my path
    An opening of my eyes so I can see again... more »

  • The Rose

    God looked down upon his work
    A thought came to his mind
    Of how to show the entirety of love
    In a single thing, divine... more »

  • The Sandman Commeth

    The sandman cometh to set this country asleep
    To bring and end to the baying of our dim witted sheep
    The killer of hopes, of dreams and desire
    The nightmare to set your soul on fire.... more »

  • We

    We the arrogant, the vile and the mean
    We the wretched, the quiet unseen
    We the aristocrat, the chosen elite
    We the dirt, the dust on your feet... more »