• As My Uncle Used To Say

    I've thought a power on men and things,
    As my uncle ust to say,--
    And ef folks don't work as they pray, i jings!
    W'y, they ain't no use to pray!... more »

  • At Broad Ripple

    Oh luxury! Beyond the heat
    And dust of town, with dangling feet
    Astride the rock below the dam,
    In the cool shadows where the calm... more »

  • At Crown Hill

    Leave him here in the fresh
    greening grasses and trees
    And the symbols of love, and the solace of these-... more »

  • At Last

    A dark, tempestuous night; the stars shut in
    With shrouds of fog; an inky, jet-black blot
    The firmament; and where the moon has been... more »

  • At Noey's House

    At Noey's house--when they arrived with him--
    How snug seemed everything, and neat and trim:
    The little picket-fence, and little gate... more »

  • At Noon--And Midnight

    Far in the night, and yet no rest for him! The pillow next his own
    The wife's sweet face in slumber pressed yet he awake alone!... more »

  • At Sea

    O we go down to sea in ships--
    But Hope remains behind,
    And Love, with laughter on his lips,... more »

  • At Utter Loaf


    An afternoon as ripe with heat
    As might the golden pippin be... more »

  • August

    A day of torpor in the sullen heat
    Of Summer's passion: In the sluggish stream
    The panting cattle lave their lazy feet,... more »

  • Autumn

    As a harvester, at dusk,
    Faring down some woody trail
    Leading homeward through the musk
    Of may-apple and pawpaw,... more »

  • Away

    I cannot say, and I will not say
    That he is dead- . He is just away!

    With a cheery smile, and a wave of the hand... more »

  • Babyhood

    Heigh-ho! Babyhood! Tell me where you linger:
    Let's toddle home again, for we have gone astray;... more »

  • Back From A Two-Years' Sentence

    Back from a two-years' sentence!
    And though it had been ten,
    You think, I were scarred no deeper
    In the eyes of my fellow-men.... more »

  • Becalmed

    Would that the winds might only blow
    As they blew in the golden long ago--!
    Laden with odors of Orient isles... more »

  • Bedouin

    O love is like an untamed steed!--
    So hot of heart and wild of speed,
    And with fierce freedom so in love,
    The desert is not vast enough,... more »

  • Being His Mother

    Being his mother--when he goes away
    I would not hold him overlong, and so
    Sometimes my yielding sight of him grows O... more »

  • Bewildering Emotions

    The merriment that followed was subdued--
    As though the story-teller's attitude
    Were dual, in a sense, appealing quite... more »

  • Billy And His Drum

    Ho! it's come, kids, come!
    'With a bim! bam! bum!
    Here's little Billy bangin' on his big bass drum!
    He's a-marchin' round the room,... more »

  • Billy's Alphabetical Animal Show

    A was an elegant Ape
    Who tied up his ears with red tape,
    And wore a long veil
    Half revealing his tail... more »

  • Blind

    You think it is a sorry thing
    That I am blind. Your pitying
    Is welcome to me; yet indeed,
    I think I have but little need... more »

  • Blooms Of May

    But yesterday!...
    O blooms of May,
    And summer roses--Where-away?... more »

  • Bryant

    The harp has fallen from the master's hand;
    Mute is the music, voiceless are the strings,
    Save such faint discord as the wild wind flings... more »

  • By Her White Bed

    By her white bed I muse a little space:
    She fell asleep--not very long ago,--
    And yet the grass was here and not the snow--... more »

  • Climatic Sorcery

    When frost's all on our winder, an' the snow's
    All out-o'-doors, our 'Old-Kriss'-milkman goes
    A-drivin' round, ist purt'-nigh froze to death,... more »

  • Company Manners

    When Bess gave her Dollies a Tea, said she,--
    'It's unpolite, when they's Company,
    To say you've drinked _two_ cups, you see,--... more »