• A Letter To My Lover

    Your with me, you haunt me
    Your in my every dream
    I see you, I hear you
    You mean everything to me... more »

  • Alone

    I'm all alone with my own thoughts for company
    Trying to ignore the fact that you just left me
    I'm on the outside looking in, into a broken heart
    And now we've reached our end and I'm wondering where did it start... more »

  • How Could You?

    I never thought things would be this way
    Heartache rushing through my veins
    You left me now there’s nothing to say
    But I hope you have a nice day... more »

  • I

    ... more »

  • It's Over

    I could tell she was getting bored
    Didn’t treat her all that good
    Didn’t do everything I should
    Never said everything I could... more »

  • Just Wishing

    I stood there all alone
    Looking into the night sky
    Wishing I had some one to spend life with
    Hoping it could be you and I... more »

  • Love

    The sun rises as the moon goes away
    The sky brightens as the night rolls away
    You are the reason I get up in the morning
    The whole reason for my day... more »

  • Onward

    Joe was small, weak
    It was getting harder
    Harder to stay in the air
    But still Joe flew onward... more »

  • Right Now

    You tempt me and you haunt me
    I know I'm not alone
    And I know I'm not free
    We belong together... more »

  • Why Do I Keep Going Back?

    Hiding, Falling, No where to run
    Right here, Right now
    What is there to say
    Nothing is new under the sun... more »

  • Why Me?

    Who are you and where did you come from?
    You know me better than I do
    And I've never even seen you
    How could this be, have I lost my mind?... more »

  • Why Police Fun?

    to see joy, to see Peace
    love, hate
    why hate the ones who Love
    why Police a couple Of... more »