• Autumn

    Autumn begins calmly enough
    Beautiful leaves of green fade into different hues.
    Colors from dull yellow to brilliant orange fill the sky
    dropping from their summer perches.... more »

  • Invisible

    People around me are laughing and having fun
    I am there but no one notices
    I try to talk but they walk away
    I leave and no one notices... more »

  • It's In The Eyes

    Everyone can see the beauty
    The brilliant green
    The tiny particles of black
    The mystic white... more »

  • My Love For You Is A River

    My love for you is like a river
    You can not tell how deep it is just by looking
    You have to jump in and dive down deep
    Even then you will never know... more »

  • One

    We are two bodies
    We are two minds
    We are two souls
    but we are one... more »

  • Our House

    Our house is a house we built together
    We have laid every brick one by one
    We have nailed every board one blow at a time
    Our house is a house we built together... more »

  • Struggles

    We all struggle sometimes
    We all fight demons inside and out
    Once in awhile we are victorious
    and sometimes we are defeated... more »

  • The Ghost

    I am a living ghost
    I am here but on one cares
    I talk but on one listens
    I cry but no one wipes my tears... more »

  • Walking On Glass

    I can see where I want to go
    But it looks so far away
    You on the other side and me here
    The only thing between us is space... more »

  • Words

    The words that were said to me
    Cut me deeper than anything had ever done before
    I could actually feel my heart slowly splitting apart
    Falling down into my stomach... more »