• (a Work In Progress)

    Many loves have come and gone, with many never staying too long.

    But my love for you is un-bending,
    My thoughts of you un-ending... more »

  • For Kelly

    I sometimes sit and think Of what could have been,
    If only I had been heard more or seen.

    I guess we were a cause forlorn.... more »

  • Her Beauty

    With hair as fair and golden as the bright, warm sun
    So too was she full of joy and fun.

    Her smile radiated with the beauty of the Northern Star,... more »

  • Money Versus Love

    Money can drive one to badness, and if used enough with greed, even to madness.

    It's a sad fact to say that money makes the world go around;
    Sadness and misery caused by one single dollar or pound.... more »