• A Lover’s Beguile

    My heart cried in distress
    My soul tried to confess
    Every action of love
    In my hearts treasure trove... more »

  • Alone In Love

    I loved you once,
    A long time ago,
    And all I have is a memory,
    With nothing to show,... more »

  • As A Child

    As a child
    I succeeded only
    In getting older
    As an adult... more »

  • Bird’s Song

    Swim through oceans of air
    Birds keep time up there
    And spend their days winging
    Through forests of clouds, singing... more »

  • Extension

    Life is but an extension of death
    And love, an extension of the heart
    From the time we take our first breath
    These two things impart... more »

  • Firstborn

    i was the firstborn
    in my father’s house
    all of the sadness
    belonged to me... more »

  • Flowers In The Dark

    Can you see flowers in the dark
    While walking in the park
    Accompanied by the sky lark... more »

  • I Found God

    I found god
    in your voice.
    He was there
    among the... more »

  • I Know What It’s Like

    I know what it’s like
    To be looked down upon
    To be cast away
    And forgotten.... more »

  • Let Me Worship You

    Let me worship you
    the way I used to
    when our home
    was heaven... more »

  • Mountain’s Song

    Sing, Oh, Mountains, the faithful tune
    The valleys try to understand
    Sing it often, sing it soon
    Your masterpiece so grand.... more »

  • Ode To No One

    Mine eyes opened upon your face
    Visions of wonder filled my head
    Sending me to your holy place.... more »

  • Photographs

    photographs capture life
    embracing love and hate
    falling from the sky
    just as easy as a portrait... more »

  • Somewhere In My House Of Cards

    Somewhere in my house of cards
    there’s a place for you
    among the jokers
    and the games of poker.... more »

  • The Dead Can Dance

    The dead can dance
    Easier than one can
    Resurrect a dead romance
    Or understand the existence of man.... more »

  • The Doe And Fawn

    The doe and fawn
    Traveled through the dawn
    Through shrub and brush
    All the while remaining a-hush... more »

  • The Edge Of Truth

    the edge of truth
    is sharpened with
    silence no noise
    no laughter... more »

  • The Speed Of Life

    I sit and watch,
    The cars go by.
    My life seems,
    So motionless.... more »

  • This Room

    I'm alone in this room
    The room you banished me to
    Away from the love and laughter
    And everything that comes after... more »

  • Tomorrow

    If tomorrow I could see things
    that today did not allow
    then tomorrow I could be things
    that I am not now.... more »