• Crying

    When she hit me,
    I felt like crying
    I should have cryed
    I would have cryed... more »

  • Crying Is Weak

    When I was young
    I was told I was weak,
    And that crying told people you were a weak person
    So, now I don't cry,... more »

  • Never Going To Be Good Enough

    I know I'll never be good enough for you or anyone else
    Not even my self but I'm accepting that now
    You should too...
    but just for the record i AM trying...... more »

  • Tired

    I'm tired,
    Tired of the demands,
    Tired of getting yelled at,
    Tired of messing up,... more »

  • Waves

    Full of stress and full of confusion
    I walk to the end of the dock,
    I freeze, I can’t move, I can’t think,
    My stress…it disappears,... more »