JP Jamie Parker 1994

Well, when I was young, I took a likeing to poetry.
And a few years after I had been at High Halden, my parents sent me to this school. Brambletye.
Then... one day, I heard my freind Magnus whispering about something, like this 'yeah... yeah that was funny! ... hm...POEMHUNTER' and that caught me!
So that night, I asked him about it.
And he told me, and helped me set up my own account!
Now I just blurgh up all the poems that come to me.
I once wrote a very good one in English!
And was going to put it on poemhunter, but I lost it!
And now I have a NEW freind over poemhunter!
So... If you read this... please send a message and tell me what you think!



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I like very much your poem The Stormy Sea, it remenbers to me the sea of my island Ponza (Italy) so I've translated it into Italian: Mare in tempesta Si contorcono vorticose le onde, ribollenti e stanche. In preda al rollio è la barchetta a dritta e a manca. Fuggono nelle tane i pesci; sulla riva retrostante il fulmine si schianta. Il tempo, quando sarà di nuovo gentile? ...
The Wolf Mansion is actually a story. I just couldn't find any where else to show people! I hope U all enjoy it! Jamie P.S I'm 10 not 11
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