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I like very much your poem The Stormy Sea, it remenbers to me the sea of my island Ponza (Italy) so I've translated it into Italian: Mare in tempesta Si contorcono vorticose le onde, ribollenti e stanche. In preda al rollio è la barchetta a dritta e a manca. Fuggono nelle tane i pesci; sulla riva retrostante il fulmine si schianta. Il tempo, quando sarà di nuovo gentile? ...
The Wolf Mansion is actually a story. I just couldn't find any where else to show people! I hope U all enjoy it! Jamie P.S I'm 10 not 11
(web links) (the stuff below the comments about me!)
All the stuff below is about other Jamie's! Not me!
I like it when people comment on my poems!
Hey All! If somethings wrong in my poems please tell me! Also...could someone please tell me how that when you click on a guys name...a load of comments appear at the top! How do you do that? Please tell me! Jamie Parker P.S I'd like to thank Theodora Onken for giving me tips and comments and reading my poems! Thanks Theodora! Jamie
Good effort but not good enough