• A Glowing Decision In The Garden Of Confusion

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  • A Mistake In Marriage

    The greatest mistake a man would make in life is to get married to a wife of deplorable attitude. This is because marriage is an institution without graduation and no any form of academic model has been formulated to formalize issues involved in a marriage; many couple often carry over the deemed courses of misunderstanding involved in the various departments(homes) .... more »

  • Best Legacy

    BY GOD'S GRACE! My best is yet to come; the next will not be the rest;
    the rest will continue to be the next; time might justify my best, but my best will outlive the time.... more »

  • Costume Of Forgetfulness

    What a pity! Many are in danger of becoming history before their time. They are undermining the rigidity of the hand that rock their cradle; they have forgotten their place in history and time; they are fast wearing the costume of forgetfulness; they are running the race of life on the track of destruction; they are blindfolded by the hallucinations of western civilization;... more »

  • Curiousity Of Extra Ordinary Reasonings

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  • Death And Its Hosts

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  • Decision And Determination

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  • Destiny

    All I know is that whichever way you decide to toss the coin of your life,
    DESTINY and CIRCUMSTANCES will continually conspire to judge the probability of your ACTIONS.... more »

  • Destiny And Freewill

    There is no need for Conflict at the Bus-Stop of life, if you don't believe in the Vehicle of destiny to take you to your Successful Destination, then embark the flight of Free-Will to your Colourful Destination. But have the belief that mind might be able to predict the next move of a man; however, the legs which will do the movement will not know where and when it would have its final footprints.... more »

  • End Time

    What a pity! The sanctuary of hope of the humanity is becoming the sanctuary of hopelessness as the Devil changed his deceitful network from the Local Area Network (LAN) to Wide Area Network (WAN) in order to meet the worldly demand of the hosts on his network; the Salvation Army who is to rescue the people of weak faith held hostage in the world of temptation, are themselves blindfolded and trapped... more »

  • Extraordinary Questions

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  • Food For Thought

    Fools! They continue to trample the words of God with the feet of ignorance; they turn the house of lord to the house of social activities, they continually water the Tree of prosperity, but never care about the dying Tree of salvation; they continue throwing morality into the wind, but continuously ventilating their hearts with self-centeredness; they make wickedness their daily under-wear; yet they are praying for the hasty return of Christ.... more »

  • Fools And The Vanity

    Fools! They were all running after the wind of ambiguous fortunes and prosperity on the track of death; they became very tired and started panting at the Junction of Covetousness; their insatiable active mind gingered their heart desires and they continued their endless Journey of satisfaction, however, they had the opportunity of meeting Mr scripture who admonished them that chasing the wind is absolute VANITY, but they trampled his admonition with the feet of desires;... more »

  • God's Provisions

    I asked for Brilliance, he gave me Intelligence;
    I asked for Knowledge, he gave me Wisdom;
    I asked for happiness, he gave me Joy;
    I asked for Success, he gave me Value;... more »

  • Gossips

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  • Humility

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  • Lost Of Virginity

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  • Misconceived Maturity

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  • My Best!

    BY GOD'S GRACE! My best is yet to come; the next will not be the rest; the rest will continue to be the next; time might justify my best, but my best will outlive the time.... more »

  • Perfect Fools

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  • Perilous Time

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  • Pride Of The Lion

    Yes, no matter the economy of the Jungle, Lion can never eat grass, however,
    Lion should know that It might be the king in the forest, but just a bullet from a hunter's gun can bring it down.... more »

  • Quest For Righteousness

    In quest for Righteousness, a captain of knowledge is to sail a ship of Religion in the Sea of temptation; due to the time constraint, he stood on the pier and started hurrying the passengers, religious personalities as well as the prominent dignitaries of substandard moral uprightness to embark the ship.... more »

  • Reckoning

    What a great reckoning in the dimension of time!
    The force of spiritual gravity is now pulling the wicked towards the centre of justice.... more »

  • Sardonic Disposition Of The Ave

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