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(continued) .. Farmer Jammey If you don't mind sweat, toil, and sometimes tears, plowing, planting, milking cows, & branding steers, sure YOU TOO can be a farmer. Welcome aboard! Grow livestock, plants, and maybe kids: a 'horde'? (now to read one of yours; what a choice! !) bri :)
(continued) ..you sent this comment re my My Farmer Life poem: Can I be a farmer PLEASE! this sounds like an amazing time :) .....Thanks, Jammey. It seems i can not send you a 'message' via PH, SO here is my reply: (to be continued, since PH is being snotty!)
i wonder. did you ever contact the French poet? i wonder if it is male or female. i plan to read one (at least) of your poems, but first....(to be continued) ...
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