• A Sulkin'

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  • Couplet #1

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  • Everybody Want Musical Poem, Ah?

    Am/F Em/C
    I just came back from school again,
    Am/F Em/C
    I'm feeling like an arse again.... more »

  • Housewives

    Everytime I go in the kitchen,
    I just get the shakes
    It turns me on when I hear the noise that the microwave makes.
    And when I'm making dinner,... more »

  • I Fancy A Farmer

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  • Limerick #1

    There once lived a man called John,
    Who didn't really feel he belonged.
    For his feet were spoons,
    Nails replaced his pubes,... more »

  • Limerick #2

    There once was a child named Jess,
    Who wore such a pretty green dress.
    But when she matured,
    Certain things poured,... more »

  • Limerick #3

    There once was a man called Fry,
    Who was quite a curious bi.
    He'd have all the men,
    But now and again,... more »

  • Limerick #4

    There was once an Eng-a-lish teacher
    Who had multiples of one feature
    She had thirteen eyes,
    A nose between her thighs... more »

  • Oh Tony

    I wish I was born in the 80's
    Like the Calvin Harris song
    Because I love Mr. Slattery
    Is the age difference so wrong?... more »

  • Tonight I Danced

    My hands have turned into
    churning serpents slinking slackers wiggling
    wormers up and down forgetful forwards
    and forwards fingertipping the lipping inside the clues of that bubble... more »