Hi! I'm a single mum of four, and my children are now all between 16 and 25 years old.I always wrote poetry and short stories as a child, then wrote quite a lot of poetry in my 30 s, having about 24 pieces published in anthologies. I then struggled to find the time and put it all on the back burner for a while.Ive recently decided its time to put pen to paper once more, so I'd very much appreciate any comments you may have on reading my work. Thankyou all! jane


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Little One

How could I not have known you were there
When you needed, oh needed me so?
When you yearned for my blood, for my body and soul
That your own flesh and bones might grow... more »

Don'T Go

This silence is eerie
The sickly stench of desecration
Catches in my throat
Your tiny coats still swinging... more »

Brown-Eyed Daddy

Why were n't you a daddy who kissed me
When your eyes said you loved me so?
Now, though I'm somebody's mummy
The child I still am wants to know... more »

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