• A Fool's Game

    Imagine that I am a candle-
    Look into my flame:
    Although my beauty tempts you
    To me it's just a game.... more »

  • A Time Known As Christmas

    He crouches
    His young back stiff with cold
    Fingers and heart deathly numb
    Amid the rush of busy feet... more »

  • Another Life

    In another life,
    I'll marry for love AND money
    He'll be intelligent, kind and funny
    Spend each Summer by the sea... more »

  • Beautiful

    She's beautiful and bubbly
    And mixes easily
    Her warmth descends on anyone
    That her green eyes might see.... more »

  • Brown-Eyed Daddy

    Why were n't you a daddy who kissed me
    When your eyes said you loved me so?
    Now, though I'm somebody's mummy
    The child I still am wants to know... more »

  • Burning Heart

    Among the pots and pans she stood
    And watched the falling rain:
    Little strings of mis-shaped pearls
    That hit the window pane.... more »

  • Butterfly Heart

    A cold shell
    Hid so well the butterfly heart
    That fluttered
    Fragile wings, which tore... more »

  • Child Of God

    Beneath a room
    Where cherubs slept
    You lay
    Putrescent... more »

  • Dark Night

    Each dark night
    I lie cold and alone
    Watching raindrops fall:
    Never-ending tears of lovers... more »

  • Dinosaurs In The Breadbin

    Dinosaurs in the breadbin,
    Fish fingers in the loo -
    If you had to live in our house,
    You'd be crazy too!... more »

  • Don'T Go

    This silence is eerie
    The sickly stench of desecration
    Catches in my throat
    Your tiny coats still swinging... more »

  • Every Dog Has Her Day

    He pulls me this way
    Pushes me that
    Slams the door
    And kicks the cat... more »

  • Figment Man

    Figment Man
    Back where you came
    Whaddya look like
    Don't know your name... more »

  • Getting Ready

    My hair
    Usually lank
    Is now suggestive
    A knot that teeters... more »

  • Grown-Ups

    You grown-ups are a funny lot
    'Cos when I'm sleeping in my cot
    You coo 'Come on, let's have a peep'
    And lift me out when I'm asleep... more »

  • Hell Sprawls

    Hell sprawls before us, its
    Great Stacks spew
    Their constant bile,
    Molten poison... more »

  • House For Sale

    Solid strong and steadfast
    But quiet and cold, I wait:
    My flowered walls call out to you
    To walk in through my gate.... more »

  • I Saw You

    But I saw you.
    Through the chink in the curtain
    When I almost didn't look
    And the curtain blew... more »

  • In Tarmac Forever

    Warrington, the sixties.

    When my children cry boredom
    I look back and see... more »

  • Indelible Image

    I study your face.
    Your warm brown eyes reflect a smile
    That is fixed, yet sincere.
    But I do not return it.... more »

  • Insanity

    I think I am losing my mind.
    My thoughts and feelings
    Are crowding
    Prodding... more »

  • Know What?

    Know what?
    You've changed.
    Used to be a laugh
    Now it's... more »

  • Little Darlings

    Day after day
    It's nappies to change
    And no evenings out
    Without sitters to arrange... more »

  • Little One

    How could I not have known you were there
    When you needed, oh needed me so?
    When you yearned for my blood, for my body and soul
    That your own flesh and bones might grow... more »

  • Magic Box

    Delve into my magic box
    Put on the coat therein-
    Assume your new identity
    And let its life begin... more »