• Affirmation

    If I came into your world will my tears be part of yesterday
    If I came into your world will you tell me reassuring things to say
    To convince myself that I can achieve my hearts desires.... more »

  • Against The Current

    The River of love flows through your heart,
    Whisper sweet things as though you weren't far,
    Yet I know your away, right out of my sight,
    I just want to kiss you and hold you tight.... more »

  • Arguments

    Slam goes the door, smash goes your heart as it shatters like glass.
    She did it again, she got too close and now you have to suffer.

    Blood runs down your face where he threw the plate at your head. You already have your bags packed, all you have to do is walk out the door and never look back. But somehow you can't, your soul will not muster enough courage.... more »

  • Aurora Solstice

    Over the fields of gold and mellow hue
    On the never ending flowers that bloom anew
    The sun doth shine and glint in morning dew
    The meadows vast and wide in vivid view.... more »

  • Autumn

    As the Autumn leaves are falling
    I hear the wind your name it's calling.

    As the dark nights draw in further... more »

  • Bad

    I saw you yesterday
    I passed you on the motorway
    You weren't happy you weren't sad
    To be honest you looked kind of glad.... more »

  • Being Happy

    When I look into your eyes my heart starts to tremble
    When I touch your hand my heart weaves itself around yours
    When you hold me in your arms I'm in heaven
    And when I'm with you I'm happy.... more »

  • Despondent

    I can't keep living like this, waiting for the end.
    There are people in my life that wanted more for me.
    Wishing to see me make something of myself. To believe in better.
    I can't keep hiding like this, behind a face that knows no pain.... more »

  • Devoid Of Love

    the night falls in a heavy, suffocating cloak, lost are we.
    the emotion for which you lust
    flares once, then dies,
    devoured by a velvet ebony nothingness.... more »

  • Etiolated

    I can cry and not be heard,
    I can bleed and not be seen,
    I can scream and not be noticed,
    I can sleep and not have dreams.... more »

  • Fairytale Poem

    The boring hours tick by
    as I sit in the room with the thing
    His watchful, daring green eye
    gazing at the book in which I wrote.... more »

  • Faith

    Keep moving
    Don't look back
    Keep moving
    Through toil and desolation... more »

  • Final Goodbye

    You look at me with blazing eyes
    What are you thinking what do you see.

    Tell me that you love me so I can hear... more »

  • First Light

    The way you speak with such reassurance as if you'll always be by my side,
    The way you look, with such love as if this love will last forever,
    The way you hold my hand, with such warmth as if you'll comfort me for eternity,
    The way you walk with such confidence, the smell of your aftershave on your shirt collar,... more »

  • Friendship

    It's the greatest gift of all
    You will be there when I fall.

    My secrets, thoughts, aspirations are locked up in your mind and mine.... more »

  • Heaven Can'T Wait

    Death cometh on swift wings
    flee and dream for one more day
    but fail in time and succumb to eternal rest
    close your eyes and dream of a slumber... more »

  • Hidden

    My First Poem

    I feel abandoned, alone and helpless
    I am misunderstood by so many people... more »

  • Homecoming

    It's always hard to pick life up from where you left it.
    To continue the thread, never-ending, never faltering.
    Picking up the pieces of your existence from where they were left scattered on the floor.
    Back to work, mundane and mind numbing. Beavering away like it's the only thing we can do with our time.... more »

  • Hope Fades

    If you need to fall apart
    I've been there before
    I'll be your guiding spirit
    I'll be your bodyguard... more »

  • Insomnia

    They see me smile yet truly I weep,
    When I lay my head to rest my tears begin to seep,
    I'm dreaming in daybreak not night yet I do not sleep,
    They may forget the pain but the scars I do keep.... more »

  • Journeys End

    We have come to journeys end
    In a distant land we will meet again
    Through time and space, shadow and light
    Think of past battles and the final fight... more »

  • Leaving School

    It's the final day as we all take photographs and say goodbye; a thought goes through my mind.
    I may never see any of you again. I don't want to let go of the many memories we have made.
    Yet I know that will not happen as the memories we have created have been engraved on my heart and left a deep impression in my mind.... more »

  • Life Story

    My name is Jane Tomlin.
    I was born on the 26th June 1988.
    At 18 months I said my first word.
    At 5 years old I started school.... more »

  • Long Story Short

    Failure is not in my dictionary.
    Persistance is.
    Ambition is.
    Achievement is.... more »

  • Masquerade

    Out of the dark void I have come,
    Into a land of light I yield,
    Across the Great Plains I have strode,
    Upon the back of a desert camel I have rode,... more »