Janelle Faith Biography

Hello I'm Janelle most people call me Nellie,
Nelle, Jae, Ladii Jae and Janellie.I am a nice
person and I love meetin new people and
what not.I am a very talkative person and I'm
caring, and funny.I love to sing I might even
go on American Idol next august of 2009.I
as well love photography.I have an amazing
sister that is always there for me no matter
what the problem may be.Friends pretty much
I dont know who to trust anymore and I can't
stand the drama they make.I wish I had real
friends no one can see the real me they
just assume and they judge me I really can't
stand that about people but atleast not all people
are like that.I pretty much hope someday I will
find that best friend that will love me for me
and I can be able to trust them.I am pretty
much online all the time.So if you have
AIM the my screen name is NELLYSOREAL92.Poetry relieves the sadness I am going through and it helps
express me.