• Cleaning The Attic

    The lid was raised on a black wooden box,
    releasing the odor of expensive perfume
    on old velvet capes; fancy hats and gloves
    of another era.... more »

  • Color Him Gone

    Where is this invisible lover?
    The one who plays hide and seek
    With my emotions
    Leaving me unguarded... more »

  • Computer Drama

    We are robots,
    You a man of steel
    I a lost spirit.
    You walk through life... more »

  • Love In A Potato Patch

    “Land is the most important possession,
    when all your earnings are spent
    you can live off the land.”
    There was wisdom in the way my father spoke,... more »

  • Love Never Puts You Second

    We shouldn’t have to
    Live up to...
    Keep up with...... more »

  • When Did We Stop Laughing

    I haven’t thrown a Frisbee since you left...
    Laughed in the rain
    Splashed puddles
    Or had water... more »