• A Light

    A blackened cloud
    an unstable ground nor sound
    a hollow space
    and empty place... more »

  • Alive

    The ocean rushes into your head
    as you believe with all the truth you have left
    and your mind tainting away into your emptiness, where know one is home
    fading into the darkness till you feel alone... more »

  • All Gone

    I can't wash it all away
    can't dream it all away
    All we've done and now your all gone
    Oh, i remember you a character i made... more »

  • Belive

    Dark as my world may seem
    I roam through a world of dreams
    Through the kisses of the misty winds
    And all the places my tears has been... more »

  • Blue Escape

    Timeless are the breeze of the sea
    Just wondering breathes of nature that gives the warmth of its cold to huamnity
    The rush of the white waves as it unfurls at the mouth of the shore
    Seeking with it's empty cotten ruffles for something more... more »

  • Chemistry

    We were in loves war
    where he couldn't live anymore
    he believed our love was so much more
    for i was his truth he's proof of love, the only thing he lived for... more »

  • Dear Mom

    Dear Mom,
    I don't know what would make you happy
    To let go of who i am and give you a better me
    To make my flaws vanish in a second just for your reasons... more »

  • Death's River

    Deep beneath the river of stillness in my head
    Ly's whispers of the anonymous dead
    the predators of my rage thirst and disturbs the clearness of the lost curse
    i stay chanting my way back to peacefulness... more »

  • Death's Lost Prison

    Dig deep my deadly body lying right next to me
    Dig deep within thy soul that once was he
    Dig deep the blood that breathed and lived in his viens that once has been
    Dig deep and bring him alive again... more »

  • Drowning Jane

    Dream far away from here
    Dream where the waves sits still
    drowning through endless depths of water
    waiting for someone to save her... more »

  • Empty Creation

    Look, is their something you want from me?
    creating your own person to feel worthy
    all i want is to be loved entirely
    and to love unconditionally... more »

  • Estranger

    I love you when we were in bliss
    when we kissed at a thought of a kiss
    when we thought as one
    and everyday was like our love has just begun... more »

  • Fall

    I don't remember why or have a clue
    but i think that i might be falling for you
    I've fallen so deep that i can't breathe
    drowning in your words i fall asleep... more »

  • Fall Of Innocence

    Dear heavens
    how can something so sweet, so innocent
    infuse their lungs with smoke
    how can their lives be so clouded with hate... more »

  • Goodnight

    I have to go now
    Sleep is calling me
    Unto the downward spiraling, free falling of reality
    Melting into the runic thought of imaginary... more »

  • Haunted

    Someone talk to me
    Am drifting away from myself
    Drowning through empty puddles in me
    I don't know if i could breathe me last breath... more »

  • He

    As i lay dreaming i knew that their would be nothing left of me
    as his past takes over my bright memory
    my tears has taken over my body
    i knew he was crying out to me... more »

  • I Miss You

    Whenever i kiss you i float amongst the stars
    whenever i dream of you i travel long and far
    hoping the distance won't fade and take you away
    and take your sweet kiss from me today... more »

  • It's Me

    A butterfly amongst the ocean wall will tell about me
    the solitude of the moon
    and the mirror images of the sea
    The mild breeze gliding though the waves knows me best... more »

  • Just Because

    Beneath the moon i wait for you
    beneath the moon i stay with you
    until darkness rings a bell
    and you are swept away into the depths of hell... more »

  • Lesson # 1

    All the words i say
    are like whispers on a page
    my voice is never heard
    not even a word... more »

  • Lethal Rose

    Even though your far from me
    through the distance with you I'll always be
    And when you fall in love again
    we can always be friends... more »

  • Life Sucks

    God i need an answer
    an answer to my heart to the question that lurks so dear
    and to my mind never apart... more »

  • Love

    Love a feeling of being me,
    being adored
    oh, love the thought of being exposed
    and to hide nevermore... more »

  • Memoir

    You remind me of a sunny day
    when i see you am just blown away
    i just love the way you are
    like an endless shining star... more »