• The Cross

    Where did the cross go?
    Did it fall onto the floor
    Into a pit to be seen no more?
    Or was it used again and again... more »

  • The Healer

    Because of you
    I was here today
    I wanted to make
    your pain go away... more »

  • The Magic Of A Gift Of Flowers

    What line of words or prose
    conveys the beauty of a rose?
    What painting would best portray
    a field of flowers on a sunny day?... more »

  • The Purple Poppy

    When you remember those who fought
    do you give the animals any thought?
    The ones whose lives were claimed to serve
    the pain and fear they did not deserve!... more »

  • The Sky

    Oh how I love
    to watch the sky
    see the image change
    as the day goes by... more »

  • The Snowman Secret

    Christmas has a secret, once told to me by an elf
    who wasn’t much good at keeping secrets
    - he couldn’t keep it to himself... more »

  • The Swans

    Oh what beauty
    Oh what grace
    They join together
    In a sweet embrace... more »

  • There Is An Angel

    I know there is an angel
    standing by my side
    A loving caring angel
    My own dear spirit guide... more »

  • Time

    It travels fast
    It travels slow
    not always the way
    you want it to go... more »

  • Valentine

    For at least a month before the date
    Red hearts and flowers will decorate
    The windows of shops all over the place
    For Valentines day and the human ‘chase’... more »

  • Valentines Rose

    What price a rose
    or a full bouquet
    what price for love
    on Valentines day?... more »

  • What Do You See?

    What do you see
    when you look around
    A world in a mess
    No hope to be found... more »

  • What Is For Tea?

    What is for tea?
    What are you cooking
    I’m not here to help you
    I’m only just looking... more »

  • What Is Life?

    What is life?
    Why are we here?
    To look at death
    with worry and fear?... more »

  • What Love Is

    What love is and what love will be
    To capture the hearts of humanity
    to lift the thoughts away from self
    and the over dominance of wealth... more »

  • Working Together

    We work together
    We work as one
    Though there may be times
    When we don't 'get on'... more »