• I Janie Heyward

    I janie Heywarddo want
    to live in your eyes
    and die in your arms
    and buried in your heart... more »

  • Life Aint No Joke

    man the life I live ain't no joke, as you can see
    niggas whispering 2 you telling you lies man
    they tell you that so they can hit those draws
    they tell you they love you but thats a lie... more »

  • Pay Attention

    could you be the two sides of me
    hiding my betta personallity, wondering as the
    day goes by tryna figure out why but all i do is cry
    thinking bout the things i done did and all the things i've been... more »

  • Roses Are Dead

    Roses are dead
    violets are to
    I'm in love but not with you
    you thought you hurt me... more »

  • To Handle Your Self

    tohandle your self use
    your head
    To handle others use
    your heart... more »

  • You

    you may not rememder wat
    someone did but you'll
    always remember how
    theymade you feel... more »