• '...If You Want Me To'

    They say
    it's a wonderful
    place.... more »

  • 1,2,3,4

    You watched me
    Float above your bed
    I count
    The breaths I take... more »

  • 10 'O' Clock

    I looked out the window
    And people were getting warm
    On their couches of hugs
    Blankets of kisses... more »

  • 15

    Watch as I linger on stand-by,
    My heart pounds beneath these stiff eyes.
    My mind can't think straight,
    It trips cos you make me wait.... more »

  • 42

    You are my 0.5

    In this well
    We have plummeted... more »

  • A Big, Black Blur

    Your sensual scent, I remember
    Your soft touch, I remember
    Your carnal taste, I remember
    Your voice that cooed, I remember... more »

  • A Cemetery Of Strings

    a cemetery of strings
    a body of injured color
    painted red nails, they’re evil
    patiently patting the table... more »

  • A Choleric Restraint; Our Love

    This has become my sickness, my beginning
    A chronic beauty; it tears at my insides
    Even if my body and heart are left untouched,
    I think my mind has been enjoying the games... more »

  • A Deep Cut And Whatnot

    throwing a ball into the air
    it hits you in the ear
    you vomit reasons
    of colors brown and orange... more »

  • A Dust Mite Speaks

    With feeble tries to move from this bed
    Legs spread, arms reaching out
    To a space that was moist, yet ambiguous
    The golden brown sun mocks her... more »

  • A 'Friend'

    Gentle, comforting
    Like the breeze
    But I am capsizing... more »

  • A Heart...

    ... more »

  • A Hymn That Cradles Me Numb

    A question was asked
    Upon the pleasantries
    Towards expectations
    On nothingness... more »

  • A Juvenile Weakness

    juvenile thoughts are exchanged, I smile faintly
    unequivocal bonds lie within, like two stars brightly lit
    needless to say a reticent actuality, still I don’t cease
    sadness runs off to a holiday, company is on over-time... more »

  • A Ladder Descends From The Sky

    a ladder descends from the sky
    the hands of my head reach out
    my face drifts off into a floating plate
    bursting as it becomes one with the sun... more »

  • A Light Rant

    I've created a long post
    ranting about a jerk
    but I didn't publish it
    even if it was a lot of work.... more »

  • A Little More, A Little Longer

    You’d want a mug of blood
    But all I have is a sip of it
    But I’d offer it to you anyway
    You need it more than I do... more »

  • A Long, Long Way

    I’ve come
    a long, long way

    just to not go... more »

  • A Lost Puppy

    perceived as a lone wolf
    grim and grey
    venturing through the forest
    as if he didn’t care... more »

  • A Love Story

    Sinking into time and age,
    it etched themselves
    onto the lovers skins.
    Making love made them tumble... more »

  • A Love That Flows

    A love that flows

    My thoughts are red,... more »

  • A Mass Of Undisputed Marble

    A mass of undisputed marble
    How does he make me turn white
    It cost me a couple of colors
    Probably even a stigma or two,... more »

  • A Meandering Delusion

    His sharp fangs were never shown
    It hid themselves inside his mouth
    Even as the sun forced them open
    No, he shook his mane, his head... more »

  • A Missing Map, A Trying Fish

    a missing map
    but I’m not lost
    rough hands
    but willing to be held... more »

  • A Nervous Flutter

    This affinity is full of surprises, an arch of colors
    and a never-changing love, I think I'm a star girl.
    Skies of gray shall never keep me grounded,
    every-time, you'd make me soar through the air... more »