• Crazy

    I live in a crazy world,
    So busy busy busy.
    Nobody has time to even say hello,
    Rushing, pushing, hurrying.... more »

  • Invisable

    I am the sock fairy,
    Who moves your dirty cloths.
    I am the person who,
    Cleans around the house.... more »

  • Life

    It’s starts so painfully, then in seconds it’s all forgotten
    You are a proud mum, I have learnt that the above
    Repeats so many times as your child grows.
    Their first injections and the screams as you hold them tight... more »

  • My Life A Rollercoaster

    It’s on the up
    No it’s down again,
    I wish this ride was over... more »

  • Relationships

    I've done it again,
    I don't know what.
    But here we go,
    Take your corners.... more »

  • Who Am I?

    I am a mum of two beautiful girls
    I am the wife of a loyal husband.
    I am the cook who provides there meals,
    I am the cleaner who cleans up after them,... more »